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      [1] "Mais le Printemps estant venu, les Iroquois nous furent encore plus cruels; et ce sont eux qui vrayement ont ruin toutes nos esperances, et qui ont fait vn lieu d'horreur, vne terre de sang et de carnage, vn theatre de cruaut et vn sepulchre de carcasses dcharnes par les langueurs d'vne longue famine, d'vn pa?s de benediction, d'vne terre de Saintet et d'vn lieu qui n'auoit plus rien de barbare, depuis que le sang respandu pour son amour auoit rendu tout son peuple Chrestien."Ragueneau, Relation des Hurons, 1650, 23.

      So too Brbeuf, in a letter to Vitelleschi, General of the Jesuits (see Carayon, 163): "Ce qu'il faut demander, avant tout, des ouvriers destins cette mission, c'est une douceur inaltrable et une patience toute preuve."136 Oh, if I had never come! she exclaimed. A daughter outside of her fathers house after dark! If my mother should miss mewhat a disgrace!

      From that day Lyrcus never asked Byssa to accompany the other women to Melites sanctuary. And when some talked of the miracles performed by the goddess of the place he smiled like one who knows better and said:

      The man I shall bring you is not far off, continued Thuphrastos. Here you see Hipyllos! He loves the maiden. We know of himwhat nobody knew about that shriekerthat he is rich. He showed193 his courage at the battle of Antirrhiumhe has archons in his family. What more can you desire?Lycon now understood that the days prodigies, the noise and the flood, were connected with what was occurring.

      Zeus Soter be merciful to him, he murmured. He has sentenced himself!

      [11] Faillon (Vie de M. Olier) devotes twenty-one pages to the history of his fit of nervous depression.



      The Fathers had escaped for the time; but they were still in deadly peril. They had taken pains to secure friends in private, and there were those who were attached to their interests; yet none dared openly take their part. The few converts they had lately made came to them in secret, and warned them that their death was determined upon. Their house was set on fire; in public, every face was averted from them; and a new council was called to pronounce the decree of death. They appeared before it with a front of such unflinching assurance, that their judges, Indian-like, postponed 122 the sentence. Yet it seemed impossible that they should much longer escape. Brbeuf, therefore, wrote a letter of farewell to his Superior, Le Jeune, at Quebec, and confided it to some converts whom he could trust, to be carried by them to its destination.The Fort St. Louis is placed, on the map, at the exact site of Starved Rock, and the Illinois village at the place where, as already mentioned (see 239), Indian remains in great quantities are yearly ploughed up. The Shawanoe camp, or village, is placed on the south side of the river, behind the fort. The country is here hilly, broken, and now, as in La Salle's time, covered with wood, which, however, soon ends in the open prairie. A short time since, the remains of a low, irregular earthwork of considerable extent were discovered at the intersection of two ravines, about twenty-four hundred feet behind, or south of, Starved Rock. The earthwork follows the line of the ravines on two sides. On the east, there is an opening, or gateway, leading to the adjacent prairie. The work is very irregular in form, and shows no trace of the civilized engineer. In the stump of an oak-tree upon it, Dr. Paul counted a hundred and sixty rings of annual growth. The village of the Shawanoes (Chaouenons), on Franquelin's map, corresponds with the position of this earthwork. I am indebted to the kindness of Dr. John Paul and Col. D. F. Hitt, the proprietor of Starved Rock, for a plan of these curious remains and a survey of the neighboring district. I must also express my obligations to Mr. W. E. Bowman, photographer at Ottawa, for views of Starved Rock and other features of the neighboring scenery.