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      "Why, no, dear, I fancy he's happiest that way."She leaned her head against Varleys shoulder and sighed.

      Then dont call me Miss Chetwynde, said Esmeralda.CHAPTER XXIII.


      Trafford came forward and rang the bell for the valet, and gave his arm to his father to the door. Then he went to the window and looked out. Two figures could be seen on the lawn in the gloaming. They were Esmeraldas and Normans. He had eyes for Esmeraldas only, and he gazed at her wistfully, with the wistfulness of a man who loves without hope. How graceful she was! Her lithe figure in its marvelous dress seemed symbolic of youth itself; youth and beauty.


      There was truth in his accents, and the blood rose to her face as her heart throbbed with a joy which had long been absent from it."Now, Connie--"


      No, dear, she said, gravely. It is cowardly to shrink from the truthwe can not afford it. Mr. Helby often makes some difficulty about the money for even the household expenses. You do not think me heartless for speaking like this, Trafford, dear? But I want you to understand that uncle must not be encouraged in all these wild schemes.


      Or can any one say, in these lives of a thousand concealments and restraints, when things are happening and when not, within us or without, or how near we are now to the unexpected--to fate? See, Flora and Hilary. He gave no outward show that he was burning to flee the spot and swing his fists and howl and tear the ground.