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      "Come with, me, please; I have something to show you," said she, turning toward the door. "You had better bring a light, too; you will need it, though I do not."

      She did not answer the question. She only said, in a tone of cool irony;"You do not flatter your friends, Mr. Arling." But in another moment, she exclaimed, with a sudden, startling intensity of passion and longing;"Is there, then, nothing,neither love, nor friendship,absolutely nothing, which answers expectation, and satisfies desire? Horrible, horrible thought!"

      First, he would see Mrs. Lyte and Astra, bid them farewell, and arrange for the removal of his effects. Then he would hasten to Savalla, to do the last kindness that it was in his power to do for Carice, even though it would seem to justify her father's late incredulity and contemptuous treatment,namely, meet Doctor Trubie, and dissuade him from any further proceedings against Doctor Remy. There was still room for a doubt that the latter was the murderer of Alec Arling;let it remain forever a doubt! No weapon should be lifted against him, that must needs fall most heavily upon Carice!

      Halloo, Ralda! said Taffy. Who have you got there; looks like a new chum? He put the question without the slightest regard to the presence of the subject of his inquiry.

      Hes bringing the stranger up here.

      Astra was silent. The doctor heaved a heavy sigh. "I see that I am not to realize my ideal," said he. "Well, it cannot be helped. I will give you the explanation that you need. Perhaps, being satisfied, in this instance, that I have a good reason for what I do, you will be able to trust me hereafter."Could one of Lord Lostwithiel's fossilized servants talk like that? Impossible. She looked up, as well as she could, under that blinding downpour, and saw a tall man standing beside the pathway with his back to the copse. He was over six feet two and of slim, active figure. He was pale,[Pg 8] and wore a short, dark beard, and the eyes which looked at Isola out of the pale, thin face were very dark. That was about as much as she could see of the stranger in the November dusk.




      Esmeralda looked at Varley Howard, who avoided her eyes, and continued:


      "Yes, it has been pointed out to me," replied Bergan.